Choral GROUP OF Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito

The Choral Group of the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito, founded in January 2013, was created spontaneously by the winery associates, some of them interpreters of «cante alentejano» (a typical musical genre from Alentejo), a preserved heritage from the region of Alentejo, that shows the richness of its identity to country and to the world.

The idea to form a choral group with the region’s winegrowers, the first in the country, has originated from the will to promote one of the greater riches of these lands — the wine —, and its implicit cultural value, marked by the local grape variaties, with special emphasis on Antão Vaz.

Composed of 25 associates and winery employees, we aim to reinforce: Vidigueira, when wine is a journey, inspired by the song of Alentejo.

«Here… here in the golden plain, where the wind’s voice sounds louder, in harmony with the tons of the earth, giving them a sonority of infinite beauty: there… I heard a thousand times beautiful immortal songs. The men from «terra do cante» («land of the song», in a reference to Alentejo’s cante) were shaped by the plain that gave them character, unique uprightness and a musical knowledge that is lost in the origins of time, on a perfect symbiosis of several cultures mingled between the people of the South», words from the Choral Group of the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito.

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