VDG is the missing Champagne 01/03/2017

Champagne and sparkling wine are becoming more and more beverages for everyday life, and the rate of growth of sales continues to grow. All over the world and even in Portugal, this "bubble drink" is definitely in fashion, since it can accompany all kinds of dishes in all social situations.

Conscious of the potential of this market segment, the Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito (ACVCA) decided to create its sparkling wine, thus increasing its product portfolio.

The VDG is there, proving that the Vidigueira area can also be present at the table of those who have "de-saccharised" the sparkling wine, to the point that many people already accompany their meals, not just the celebrations, with this wine partially fermented in the bottle.

According to ACVCA president, José Miguel d'Almeida, "it is also a question of keeping up with market trends, since in the world and national terms, sparkling wines are very cherished. We think that in our case, the excellence of our white grape varieties, namely Antão Vaz, advised us to take this step ".

The VDG was foaming in the Caves of the Mountain in Bairrada, one of the regions of Portugal with more experience in the manufacture or preparation of this type of wine. The traditional grape varieties of Vidigueira, namely Antão Vaz, are present in the 5,000 bottles of 2015.

According to Eng. Luis Leão, winemaker of ACVCA, "this is another step in the strategy of diversifying our wines, and in the future to have more news in this line of products."

According to data from the IVV, in Portugal, the production of sparkling wine from 2004 to 2015 grew 324%, setting last year at 37 400 hl. In the Alentejo and in the same period production increased from 616 hl to 1 387 hl.

In the case of the name of sparkling wine VDG, there is the happy coincidence of being able to mean Vidigueira, or Vasco da Gama who was Count of the lands of the municipalities covered by the ACVCA.

VDG is the missing Champagne
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