He knows every place in town, when the sunny afternoon turns to night he likes to go out. The ladies say he has a garnet colored hat, almond eyes, sweet perfume…

With ice and lemon by his side, bold and curious, he’s a well traveled guy! 

Sweet wine made from a careful selection of the best red grape varieties of the region, harvested in slight overripening.  Topaz color, bright and slightly reddish. Excellent aromatic intensity, fruity, with notes of red berries jam and figs in syrup. Almond flavor, thick and concentrated, with some cherry jam and chocolate.

Volumetrias: 0,75L

-5 cl of Vasquinho
- 3 wedges of macerated tangerine
- 3 cl of club soda and ice
-5 cl of Vasquinho
- 8 cl of tonic water
- lime wedge
- ice
-5 cl of Vasquinho
- 1 lime or lemon wedge
- ice

Technical Sheet

*Bottles should be ordered in multiples of 6, your order may be composed of different references. In addition to the final order value € 9.20 (VAT included) per case of 6 units, for mainland Portugal (Expenditure on Delivery).

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