The Region

A warm discovery 

Documented since the 18th century, Vidigueira’s existence today lives the marks of a history and a heritage extended through centuries, profoundly marked by the influence of the Catholic Church, recognizable in its hermitages and churches. Since 1519, when the village was given to Vasco da Gama, the village maintains and celebrates a profound relationship with the Discoveries, being recognized as «the village of the Gamas».

Cuba is located West of Vidigueira and it’s an historical village which historical records date back to the 13th century, but which occupation dates back to 3000 years before our time, with archeological records that confirm the existence of a megalithic civilization. Just as the origin of the word Vidigueira seems to derive from «videira» (vine), some say the word Cuba has its origin after the land conquest by the Arabs, when a great quantity of tanks to store wine («cubas») was found. This version that links the land with wine production, although, is just one of the hypothesis for the origin of the name.

Also West of Vidigueira and Cuba is Alvito, a village which oldest reports date back to the Neolithic period. Described as a «curious village from Alentejo», in the 16th, Alvito was one of Alentejo’s main political centers, a greatness still visible in its architectonical heritage.

Located in the heart of Alentejo, bordered on the North by Serra do Mendro, on the East by the Guadiana river, on the South and West by the plains, Vidigueira embraces the peace of its people and the soul of the land. The landscape where the winery lives is made from the character and the warmth of Alentejo, from the constant memories, from the knowledge and from the flavors of this region.

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