Fernando Tools National Course

Between September 14th and 18th the Associação dos Escanções de Portugal (AEP) was in our Casa das Talhas and held the “Fernando Ferramentas Training”, oriented by trainer Tiago Paula.

AEP is a cultural association that aims to accompany and train professionals in the service of wines and other beverages, whether from hotels or similar establishments, through specific and specialized courses and professional courses. The goal is to bring closer the relationship between the sommelier and the entities that produce and sell these drinks.

The Fernando Tools National Course is held once a year, always in different cities from north to south of the country. The name is a tribute to the founder of the AEP, and aims to help improve knowledge of Portuguese wines and how best to serve them. In each city, the three best trainees will be selected to compete in a final, where the best wine service professional in Portugal will be recognized.

For Tiago Paula, this type of course “helps demystify preconceived ideas about wine, particularly with regard to how to serve, taste and enjoy it, in order to give more value to Portuguese wine at every moment. Basically, we intend to leave a seed in our trainees to go searching, to venture into the world of wine and discover what their skills are connected to this universe that is so unique and distinctive of each region.” As the current President of the Portuguese Wine Cellarers Assembly, Tiago Paula feels the responsibility entrusted to him and the challenge of bringing the knowledge of the world of wines to everyone interested.

The winery supports the AEP and believes that these types of trainings are essential to present, taste, and marry the wines with the moment and the respective dishes being tasted. It was with this sense of responsibility that the team from the Wine Tourism Unit of our winery carried out this training.

To learn more about the course go to: https://www.escancao.com/curso-portugal-fernando-ferramentas

Get to know the schedule of courses: https://www.escancao.com/agenda?fbclid=IwAR0ERVSyl4_DOLnqnx-cwtXraZNAeNBakZlj9FlGcJEq-UXAdFOgz0Kq8u4

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