Can I return a product?

You may return any product within 14 days of receiving your order.

There are some situations in which returns are not accepted, such as:

– Intentional damages to the product or products. E.g. damaged labels, capsules removed without having consumed the product, consuming the product and complaining about it afterwards,…

– Accidents which are not the responsibility of the Winery or the transport service;

– Improper handling of the product or products. E.g.: placing bottles of wine in a source of light or heat for prolonged periods, which damages its organoleptic characteristics.

Should you need any support, we will help and guide you through the process. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer support team via the Contacts page or by telephone

Telephone: + 351 284 437 240 or + 351 939 190 460



How can I return a product?


For product returns we request that you contact our Complaints and Returns Department, via the Contacts page or by telephone.


Telephone: + 351 284 437 240 or + 351 939 190 460




Como serei reembolsado por uma devolução?


As we tend to like the customer to have a rewarding experience with the wines from our winery, we will replace one product for another resulting in the necessary adjustments to this transaction, if any. Should you not wish the replacement product, or products, our colleagues in the Complaints and Returns Department will guide you through the process until it is resolved.



How will I be refunded for a return?


If the return results in a replacement product we will be happy to offer the return. If you wish to return the product, or products, without its replacement the postage will be charged corresponding to the volume to be transported and taking into account the location of the return shipment.



How should I return the products?


We suggest that you use the same packaging used for the original shipment. If these no longer can be used, you may use equivalent packaging to ensure the good quality of the products during transport.