Wine Acts

When wine is a journey, which unfolds in Acts!

Vasco da Gama, the famous Argonaut, 1st Count of Vidigueira and Admiral of the Indies undertook an epic voyage of discovery from 1497 to 1499. The discovery of the sea route to India was the inspiration to create 7 “Wine Acts”, with 7 stops that correspond to different phases of this Portuguese epic.

Each “Act” represents a phase of the journey, always progressing in aromas and flavours, just like the wines. Discover the different ranges of wines from the Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito Winemaking Cooperative and be surprised by the discovery.

ATO - O prenúncio da viagem
Quatro garrafas de vinho. Da esquerda para a direita: Navegante Regional Branco 1L, Navegante Regional 0,75L, Navegante Regional Tinto 1L e Navegante Regional Tinto 0,75L. Vinhos Adega Vidigueira Cuba e Alvito

“Imagine yourself on a ship. Grand, oak wood still snapping, white sails lined up unfurled.
It floats, gently and patiently, as one who doesn’t mind the match elongating.
It is early, there is still a silence in the air.”


Imagine yourself on a ship, meeting her, in a rhythmic beat, a handful of men led by one, all Portuguese.
In their hands, the strength of the work, on their shoulders a heavy weight, in the air a deep floral aroma, and in their eyes the sadness of the village to leave, but also the conviction to leave, to conquer.”

ATO III - A saudade

“So many days have passed… I imagine being at home, waking up, and on the horizon the plain, not only sea and sea…
There are two storms to face, but the thirst for new lands to glimpse remains strong, and then yes, fearless Portuguese, there we go to toast”.

ATO IV - A Inspiração
6 Garrafas. Da esquerda para a direita:  Vidigueira Alicante Bouschet, uma garrafa magnum de Vidigueira Antão Vaz, Vidigueira Antão Vaz, Vidigueira Syrah, Vidigueira Trincadeira e Vidigueira Touriga Nacional

“I have you, mystery to some, revelation in me.
Candour, whiteness, freshness, in short… complexity in the origin of «being», clarity in the discovery of knowledge, ravishing in the essence of feeling, you travelled with me without leaving”.

ATO V - A decisão
Três garrafas de vinho. Em primeiro plano Vidigueira Grande Escolha Branco e em segundo plano Vidigueira Grande Escolha Tinto e

“I see Sea and Sea, which way to row?
North, south, east, west… I turn to her to clear my path, I must make a decision … I choose to continue… and a swig of wine…”

ATO VI - A bonança
Duas garrafas de vinho. Em primeiro plano

“It was a long day sailing.
I look at the sky, I could not reach a better view… stars reflected also in the sea… and at this moment with a shout to the crew I shall call and from the oak barrels in the hold we shall take the one who shall cherish our hope of returning to our land.”

ATO VII - A conquista
Garrafa de Vinho Vidigueira Grande Reserva 1498

“See in the background something that doesn’t look like sea….
Can it be? I can’t believe it…
At last we can rest and enjoy the victory!
Let “the wine come!”,
And in it you, unique moment to taste…”