The Bonanza

“It was a long day sailing.
I look at the sky, I could not reach a better view… stars reflected also in the sea… and at this moment with a shout to the crew I shall call and from the oak barrels in the hold we shall take the one who shall cherish our hope of returning to our land.”

ATO VI - A bonança
Duas garrafas de vinho. Em primeiro plano

During the journey, Vasco da Gama reaches a stage of peace and tranquillity, but also of intensity due to the expectation of what awaited him. The Vidigueira Reserva wines also mark, at the Winery, a moment of balance and intensity.

Wines that have already aged and that mark those who taste them. Wines that assert themselves, that challenge but, above all, that intoxicate.

White and Red Vidigueira Reserva, in 750 ml bottles.


White Vidigueira
Reserva DOC

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Red Vidigueira
Reserva DOC

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