The Conquest

“See in the background something that doesn’t look like sea….
Can it be? I can’t believe it…
At last we can rest and enjoy the victory!
Let “the wine come!”, And in it you, unique moment to taste…”

ATO VII - A conquista
Garrafa de Vinho Vidigueira Grande Reserva 1498

Vasco da Gama finally arrives in Calicut on May 20th 1498. To close this period of history, the Winery launched Vidigueira Grande Reserva 1498, paying tribute to this moment with a limited edition of superior quality.

The greatest delight is waiting for us, in a sublime explosion of colour, aroma and flavour. We enjoy, on earth, a little bit of heaven, a piece of paradise.

Limited edition to 1498 bottles of 750 ml, numbered. It is accompanied by a walnut wood box and a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness.


Vidigueira Grande Reserva
1498 DOC

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