Since November 2018, the Winery has started its process of installing photovoltaic panels.

As the Alentejo is a sunny region, and as the winery is an advocate of environmental protection, this installation is a step towards the preservation of our natural resources. Through sustainable development you will substantially reduce the impacts on the environment.

The solution supplied by Enforce – Energy Engineering contemplates the installation of 1400 photovoltaic modules of 270 Wp each, and nominal power of 378 Kw of peak power. The PPU will produce approximately 666 MWh of electricity per year, resulting in gross annual revenues of between 60 and 70 thousand Euros.

The ACVCA also acquires energy efficiency, because the energy generated with the photovoltaic system to be installed, is injected in its totality into the public grid. This project, in the field of Eco-innovation and through the use of renewable energy, keeps the Winery perfectly aligned with the efficient use of resources, reinforcing its commitment as a member of the Alentejo Wines Sustainability Plan.


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