Vidigueira vinho licoroso branco alentejano 075l packaging

Vidigueira White
Liqueur DOC

Liqueur wine with an amber colour, intense aroma of ripe tropical fruit, especially pineapple and passion fruit, sweet and velvety flavour, with a long and persistent finish. The grape variety that contributes to the specificity of this wine is Antão Vaz.

How to pair with food

From the indigenous grape variety of the Vidigueira sub-region, this liqueur wine DOC (Registered Designation of Origin) is a must have for an end to a long meal or even to accompany desserts. Try this very fresh wine with a Sericaia, Elvas plum and lemon sorbet.

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Technical Data Sheet

Designation: Vidigueira
Type: White Liqueur
Classification: DOC Alentejo
Sub-Region: Vidigueira

Analytical Parameters
Alcoholic Content: 18% vol.

Logistics and Packaging
Capacity: 750 ml

Organoleptic Properties
Estágio em Barrica: 9 meses
Service Temperature: 10ºC – 12ºC

Position: Lateral
Temperature: 14ºC – 18ºC
Light: Preferably protected from light

Luís Morgado Leão