Garrafa Aguardente Vínica Velha Alentejana

Vínica Velha


Spirits obtained from a careful distillation, in copper stills, of selected wines from freshly fermented musts, without the addition of sulphur dioxide. It aged in the ACVCA cellars for many years and there it acquired its topaz brownish beauty, as well as the deep aroma and flavour of the oak wood where it aged. It is a fine and soft spirit, with a slightly vanilla taste and a long and very smooth finish.

How to pair with food

30 years of history in a bottle! Elegant and authentic spirits that deserve to be tasted on special occasions.

Technical Data Sheet

Designation: Vínica Velha
Sub-Region: Vidigueira

Analytical Parameters
Alcoholic Content: 45,1% vol.


Logistics and Packaging
Capacity: 500 ml

Organoleptic Properties
Estágio em Barrica: 30 anos
Service Temperature: 16ºC – 18ºC


Position: Lateral
Temperature: 14ºC – 18ºC
Light: Preferably protected from light


Luís Morgado Leão