After the jars were placed upside down on stones, small fires were lit, while at the same time blond pitch (pine resin) and beeswax were melted in a pot. The liquid was then poured into the heated jars, which, now lying on the floor, are carefully rolled over to distribute the liquid evenly inside. The operation was coordinated by Joaquim Tavares, a true expert in the field of environmental education.In this process of waterproofing the woodcarvings, and thus ensuring the impeccable polishing of the interior of the Winery’s woodcarvings. This process, 100% manual, was executed like the Romans did two thousand years ago, and guarantees the quality of the carved wine that we will make here in a few weeks.

We are already thinking of what’s to come…, but these same carvings will be exhibited in our new Wine Tourism space, the Casa das Talhas to be inaugurated soon…


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