Wine Tourism

We truly believe in our communication guideline: Vidigueira, when wine is a journey, a journey through our land, its culture and history, and essentially through our wines, on a discovery of new senses, reaffirming the essence of a winery that, because of its origin, intents to keep a «promise» with those who daily sail with us — our associates and employees —, but also those who look forward to be surprised, the clients.

On a journey that will be revealed through a route, because each wine lifts us to different sates of mind, its tasting being a unique moment in a individual or shared experience.

We are developing a wine tourism strategy sustained by different activities, focusing on local partnerships that promote our main principle, cooperativeness. Here you can visit us, discover us or reencounter us. Reencounter the region, its plain made of crops, olive trees and vineyards with history. Stories of discoveries and sailors, pursuits and treasures.


Contacts for booking visits and wine tasting or information in workshops:

Contacts: T +351284437240, Email:
NOTE: It is advised appointment. 

Store Hours: From Monday to Saturday: 09h00-13h00 | 14h00 to 19h00.
Visits and Wine Tasting: From Monday to Saturday.

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