Last February 19th
A.V Global
held its 1st Technical Meeting 2020, and our Casa das Talhas was the venue chosen for this action.

This event was coordinated by A.V.Global, in partnership with
. FERTINAGRO is a company that has more than 25 years working with innovative solutions, high investments in R&D, which has led to the current existence of more than 300 references that cover all needs in plant nutrition. BELCHIM follows the needs of the market, with an orientation towards farmers and their crops with plant protection products.

The event was directed to A.V.Global‘s clients, namely the viticulture and the olive grove. The topics covered were related to fertilizers and phytopharmaceuticals.

The speakers present, from each of the two companies, talked about the topics of the meeting and presented some solutions to the participants. Frederico Santos, General Director of FERTINAGRO Portugal, presented the new solutions for fertilizers in olive groves and vineyards. From BELCHIM were present Rui Martins (Head of Marketing and Communication) and Georgina Rodrigues (Alentejo Commercial), who approached the theme of phytopharmaceuticals, fungicides and herbicides, for the new campaign.

This was the first meeting of the A.V. Global, which intends to continue throughout the year, in different sectors, with several pertinent topics to be addressed. These kinds of presentations are important for your customers to ask questions, get clarification, and learn about the latest methods and products on the market.

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