Vidigueira Vinho de Talha Winner of the Intermarché Prize

VIDIGUEIRA CARVED WINE awarded in the “Processed Products” category for the 7th edition of the Intermarché Awards


The best of National Production has already presented the finalists of the 7th edition of the Intermarché Prize, and our Vidigueira Vinho de Talha was the winner in the “Processed Products” category.

This Intermarché project intends to value and promote what is national and make society aware of the importance of the Portuguese Primary Sector. Vidigueira Vinho de Talha is a unique, singular, and traditional wine. These are some of the defining characteristics of this wine, which has a history and tradition of winemaking that goes back more than two millennia.

The grapes that give origin to this Vidigueira Vinho de Talha come from century-old vineyards owned by our associates, who made them available for its production. Of the traditional white grape varieties they deliver, some are almost extinct: Antão Vaz, Roupeiro, Manteúdo, Diagalves, Larião, and Perrum. This production is a source of pride for us, and the Intermarché prize has only further increased the value of this product at a national level.

The production method of this wine encompasses a number of factors, from the “weighing” of the carving, i.e., the care to be taken with the carving and the way it is covered inside. This process is important, as it guarantees the wine an additional arrival of particular aromas and flavors. The technique and utensils used in its production carry the weight of antiquity. The moment of inserting the tap will allow the wine filtered through the masses to pass into the earthenware bowl, leading to the so traditional “aparadinho”, the act of filling the glass directly from the tap.


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