Last January 28, the Casa das Talhas of the Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito (ACVCA) was the venue chosen by the company Samuel Salgado unipessoal, lda for a meeting/technical debate on vine growing.

With 10 years of existence, Samuel Salgado works with several cultures, such as olive grove, nuts, cereals, corn and vineyard, also performing a set of services, including soil, microbiological, water or foliar analysis. Besides these areas, the sale of tractors and agricultural equipment is another of the company’s strong bets.

The technician from ATEVA – Associação Técnica dos Viticultores do Alentejo, Hugo Pardal, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and reinforcing the importance of this type of event, as well as the collaboration of field technicians and winemakers in these meetings. According to Samuel Salgado, manager of this company, the main objective of this meeting was to share experiences, reconciling the knowledge of the agricultural technicians and the winemakers.

The event was attended by several speakers. Starting with a presentation by Engineer Iva Almeida, representative of the Ascenza company, on phytosanitary and weed control in vine culture. Next, engineer Luís Torres Pereira reinforced the importance of good soil, water, and foliar chemical analysis for better decision making when executing the fertilization plan. Here the French laboratory Aurea highlighted all the information provided in these analyses. In this presentation, the speaker also mentioned the passing of the baton of this important representation to the Samuel Salgado company, which is now the new representative in the country.

Also participating was the biologist from the Lisbon Science Faculty and representative of the company Soilvitae, Patrícia Monteiro, who spoke on the importance of microorganisms in the soil and rhizosphere. This presentation brought a new perspective on the importance of these living beings for the balance of the soil and the consequent benefit for the plants, which become healthier and more productive. In terms of plant nutrition, the Compo company was represented by engineers Pedro Cabanita and Rodrigo Martins (winemaker). They presented a fertilization plan for the vineyard, where the main objective was to demonstrate the influence of fertilization on the final quality of the wine. For this, a blind wine tasting was held for all participants, where it was possible to confirm the differences in quality of the wines made in microvinification of each of the three types of fertilization (Witness, without fertilizers; Conventional and Top).

After the work session, there was a performance by fado singer Luís Sarturnino in the Barrel Room at Casa das Talhas, where some of the wines from the winery are aged. This was followed by a buffet dinner, with regional delicacies, served by the winery team, accompanied by cured ham from Casa Cravinho.

It is not the first time that this company chooses the ACVCA’s Casa das Talhas to present its products. The first meeting took place in December 2019 and the topic was sustainable viticulture.

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