The most awaited time of the year has arrived, Harvest 2021

Today we start with the 2021 harvests. The vines are at the point and the CAP (Analysis and Weighing Center) is ready for reception. The entire winery is prepared for the arrival of the new harvest.

Although the summer presented fluctuating temperatures, these did not affect the normal and constant development of the ripening of our members’ grapes.

Confident that this year will bring a balanced harvest, both in whites and reds, Luís Morgado Leão, winemaker at the winery, says that “Weather conditions did not harm the normal development of the vineyards. The grapes from our members show positive indicators that we will continue to produce wines with the level of quality we demand and expected by our consumers.”

For José Miguel Almeida, chairman of the board of directors of the winery, “we had a good agricultural year, with an expected increase between 5% and 10% in production. We foresee a balanced production and with the quality with which we accustom our consumers.”

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