Garrafa Vinho Licoroso Tinto Alentejano Vasquinho

Red Liqueur

Sweet wine made from a careful selection of red grapes from the best varieties of the region, harvested in a slightly overripe stage. Topaz colour, bright and slightly reddish. Excellent aromatic intensity, fruity, with notes of soft fruit jelly and figs without syrup. Almond flavour, concentrated and voluminous, with some sour cherry jam and light chocolate.

How to pair with food

Vasquinho is a sweet wine that should not be underestimated. Prepare an aperitif before the meal and surprise your friends:

Vasquinho Tangerine – 5cl of Vasquinho + 3 buds of macerated tangerine, 3cl of sparkling water and 3 ice cubes.


Technical Data Sheet

Type: Red Liqueur
Sub-Region: Vidigueira

Analytical Parameters
Alcoholic Content: 19% vol.

Logistics and Packaging
Capacity: 750 ml

Organoleptic Properties
Service Temperature:10ºC – 12ºC

Position: Lateral
Temperature: 14ºC – 18ºC
Light: Preferably protected from light

Luís Morgado Leão