Wine Month kicks off in Vidigueira

The Cooperative Wine Cellar of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito (ACVCA) celebrates in November its already traditional event, the Wine Month. This is a set of events that take place during the month, and that directly or indirectly are related to the feast of the new wine, a celebration strongly associated with St. Martin.

For José Miguel Almeida, ACVCA’s president, “this is to continue a tradition very much alive in our region, that is, to associate S. Martinho to wine production, and in our case to carved wine. We intend to continue to unite wine and gastronomy, with the novelty of a classical music concert, and to give public expression to certified carved wine, that is, with the seal of the CVRA.

In 2019 the “Month of Wine” begins on Saturday, the 9th, at 5pm, with the Opening of the Carvings, and tasting of the new 2019 carving wine. The Choir Group from the Adega will be present, as well as other invited groups such as Os Vindimadores, the Grupo Cantadores do Cabeço do Diabo, and the Choir Group from Vidigueira. At the end of the day the Improvisos do Sul will perform.

A week later, at 9pm on November 16th, and in collaboration with the Conservatório Regional do Baixo Alentejo, the Adega will organize its first St. Martin’s Concert. A violin and guitar duo will delight the audience with pieces by Piazzola, Bartok, and Paganini.

On November 23rd, and at Casa das Talhas, another of the famous Wine Dinners will take place starting at 7:30 PM, where special dishes can be enjoyed in harmony with the wines from the Winery.

The activities of the Wine month have their epilogue on November 30th with the event TALHA DOC. This is a show and tasting of Carved Wines, all of them certified by the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission.



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