Vidigueira Winery opens House of Wood Carvings
The entrance to the Casa das Talhas at Vidigueira Winery


The Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito (ACVCA) has created, in its facilities, a space to house seven carvings. In 2017 about 4 tons of grapes have already been vinified there, which gave rise to 4 talha wines. The official inauguration was attended by José Miguel d’Almeida, president of the Board of Directors, who stated at the time: “our winery is increasingly emphasizing this millenary art and the winemaking process so widely used in this region of the Alentejo. This is how we manage to honor the heritage left to us by the Romans, while preserving the oldest and most ancient vineyards in the region (…)”.

José Miguel Almeida, and his management team, were reappointed to their positions in an election held during the ACVCA General Assembly in December 2017. The winning list got 91% of the votes, indicating the associates’ unequivocal satisfaction with the management of these last years.