Portela Rotary Club

“Giving of yourself, before thinking of yourself” is the motto that defines the Rotary movement, with which we are proud to collaborate with our Vidigueira Syrah. Part of the value of the sale of a pack of two bottles will revert in favor of the numerous humanitarian projects developed by the Rotary Club of Portela.

Founded in 1905 by Paul Harris, Rotary International, is an organization that has more than 1.2 million Rotarians organized and scattered in more than 31,000 Rotary Clubs, providing service and supporting humanitarian causes. The Rotary movement arrived in Portugal in 1960, and on May 18, 2000 the Portela Rotary Club was born, currently presided by Dra. Solange Fernandes Falé.

The Rotarians aim to promote peace and understanding in the world, developing community cooperation projects, in order to help the community where they are inserted, always respecting friendship and fellowship. Its mission is to provide services to those in need, and support social causes such as polio eradication where it still exists, literacy education projects, scholarships, volunteering in hospitals, prisons, various centers, and many other humanitarian and professional activities.

José Miguel Almeida, ACVCA’s Chairman of the Board, says he recognizes “the importance and the meritorious action of Rotary International, in the social field. Having considered us to integrate this first project of the Rotary Club of Portela, is something that makes us proud. This means that our winery will help make a difference in the lives of those who need it most”.

This project was initiated by Commander Vasco Rosa (who is a native of Vidigueira) and the current President of the Rotary Club of Portela, Dra. Solange Fernandes Falé, and to which our winery is associated. This “Solidary Wine” campaign will begin during the 2019/2020 term, and part of the proceeds from sales will be applied to social actions to be carried out by the Portela Rotary Club.

Dr. Solange Fernandes Falé, a Clinical Psychologist by profession, sees this association of Rotary with ACVCA as “the possibility to continue to demonstrate to civil society, and to the community where we are inserted, that it is possible to develop solidarity among us, proving that we cannot miss the opportunity to help those who need it most…”

The pack of two bottles Vidigueira Syrah, is available through the following contacts: and

Vidigueira, When wine is a journey… helping those who need it most!



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