Adega de Vidigueira launches white carved wine 2018

Repeating a success that began in 2017, the Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito continues with the production of the Talha Wine made exclusively from white grapes from vineyards over 100 years old. As is the prerogative of this millennial technique, the winemaking process left by the Romans, very popular in this region of the Alentejo, was also used in 2018.

Presented in soft launch mode during the BTL – Lisbon Tourism Fair, in March, the new reference is called Vidigueira – Vinho de Talha DOC Alentejo 2018.

Vidigueira – Vinho de Talha DOC Alentejo 2018 is produced from grapes from very old vines, with very small yields, but whose bunches have a refined and unusual quality.

Engº Luis Morgado Leão, oenologist of the Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito explains that “century-old vines produce bunches that are denser, more concentrated and very complex in aromas and flavors. That is why the talha wines obtained from these grapes are unique wines, intense and full of personality. At our Casa das Talhas we are able to produce a wine totally different from those that the winery regularly produces.”

The grapes that gave origin to this wine come from only 6 hectares of vineyards, owned by members of the winery who made them available for this innovative project. All are unanimous in revealing their “high pride and expectation” to see their work rewarded, since they delivered grapes of the traditional white varieties: Antão Vaz, Roupeiro, Manteúdo, Diagalves, Larião, and Perrum, some of them almost extinct.


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