Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito (ACVCA) has recently launched a white wine from Talha. According to the producer, the wine ‘Vila Alva – Vinhas Centenárias’, now launched, is made from grapes from centenarian vines
and results from a vinification process used by the Romans.

According to José Miguel Almeida, president of the Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito, “it is in the parish of Alva, in the municipality of Cuba, that we find the oldest vineyards in this part of the country, many of them planted before 1930. Very old vineyards with reduced productions, but whose bunches have a refined quality, which gave rise to a wine of a unique level in Portugal.”

Luís Morgado Leão, ACVCA’s winemaker, says that “Vila Alva was made from grapes from century-old vines, which produce more concentrated bunches, complex in aromas and flavors. That is why Vila Alva is a unique wine, intense and full of personality. We produce in our talhas a wine totally different from those that the winery produces regularly.”