The Adega Cooperativa da Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito could not remain indifferent to Wine Tourism, the fashion that pervades all wine regions in the world. Therefore, we have also embraced the project of creating in our facilities a new structure directed to the practice and experience of wine tourism.

We have allocated an area of our facilities to this project, making use of an area where an old warehouse used to be. In this space will function a Wine Cellar with Carving, a WineBar, a small auditorium, a tasting room, and a space for serving meals. All in an articulated manner, since what we really want is for visitors to be able to socialize and discover, firstly, the daily operations of the winery, with regard to wine production and other activities, and secondly, to enjoy this space, and discover and enjoy the wines we produce.

The wine tourism intervention and the works that started some time ago have been visited by several official entities linked to Portugal’s Tourism. The most important was undoubtedly the one from the Secretary of State of Tourism, Dr. Ana Mendes Godinho, who during the visit considered the project of the Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito “.This is a spectacular idea, which adds value to the carved wine that is increasingly an asset that we want to promote.and that it will become a part of the fundamental Wine Tourism routes in the Alentejo.

The works are proceeding at the expected pace and according to the execution schedule, so the Wine Tourism of Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito, will be inaugurated in 2019.

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