Green” electricity in the Winery’s future

Photovoltaic plants have been seen lately as instruments of clean energy production. After previous studies were made, our winery decided to join the “clean” technologies, and thus a Small Production Unit of a Photovoltaic Production System will be installed.

This decision by the ACVCA will in the future have a strong impact on the financial results directly related to energy costs, since this innovation will allow significant progress in the preservation of the environment, and will enable a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources.

The solution supplied by ENForce – Engenharia de Energia SA, contemplates the installation of photovoltaic panels with 250 kW of nominal power and 378 kW of peak power. The photovoltaic plant will produce approximately 666 MWh of electricity per year, resulting in gross annual savings of between 60 and 70 thousand euros.

The ACVCA also acquires energy efficiency, because the energy generated with the photovoltaic system to be installed, is injected in its totality into the public grid. This means that in economic terms, our winery will sell the energy generated to the public grid, obtaining revenues that will allow it to amortize the investment, and in the following years obtain net revenues. This project, in the field of Eco-innovation and through the use of renewable energy, keeps the Winery perfectly aligned with the efficient use of resources, reinforcing our commitment as a member of the Alentejo Wines Sustainability Plan. The installation has been going on since October and is expected to finish in February 2019.

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