Pneumatic Press starts this harvest

The modernization of our winery, providing it with the appropriate technological equipment for the pursuit of its activities is always on the agenda. This time the next harvest will run more smoothly and quickly thanks to a new pneumatic press.

The equipment purchased by ACVCA is a Bella Toffola PF 200 closed-belt press, which will reduce the number of work cycles. As Luis Morgado Leão, oenologist at Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito, tells us, “Closed-tank presses can process any type of wine and are especially suitable for reds and rosés, thanks to the possibility of macerating the skins directly inside the press. The tubular membrane fixed to the central drum considerably increases the drainage surface, which occurs through the perforated grids arranged in a ring around the circumference of the drum.”

Thanks to this new pneumatic central membrane press, pressing is carried out at reduced pressure, because inside the press cylinder, the product is distributed in a uniform, low-thickness layer. On the other hand, there are no restrictions on the type of grapes to be pressed, thanks to the very flexible and easy-to-use programming system, and washing is done through a cleaning door that facilitates access to the entire interior of the perforated cylinder.

This new press can process 14 tons of whole grapes, 40 to 60 tons. of crushed grapes and 60 to 80 ton. of fermented grapes.

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