Unique wine in the world: Vidigueira Perrum

06.02.2018 by Rita Bertrand
Adega da Vidigueira’s latest white wine is a monovarietal from a variety that is almost extinct in Portugal and the world
It was to take advantage of slogan that decades ago the poet Pessoa created for Coca-Cola: “First you get strange, then you get entranced.” Because, in fact, it is a surprise – unexpected, almost weird, given its unknown taste – to taste Perrum, the name of the newest white wine from Adega da Vidigueira, which is also the name of the only grape variety it is made from.

Perrum, yes, you read it right – indigenous grape variety, native to Alentejo, but almost extinct, disappeared from vineyards only in very few vineyards, being almost only used to add freshness and acidity to white blends, especially in combination with another unique grape variety in the region – but meanwhile more publicized, also thanks to Adega da Vidigueira – the Antão Vaz.

This is, therefore, the only Perrum in Portugal and in the world, a monovarietal from a grape variety that not even the connoisseurs know and, therefore, the most recommended wine for those looking to surprise, even those friends who are annoying because they recognize the grape varieties (or at least the Tourigas, Alvarinhos and Rieslings) blindfolded.

It is not yet known how it will evolve, if kept this Perrum will gain or lose qualities, but it is already praiseworthy that Adega da Vidigueira has rehabilitated the variety, creating this great young wine, very clear in its light copper tone, with a fresh aroma (but not very exuberant), creamy and mineral profile, with floral and slightly salty notes. In short, it is simple but different – what more could you ask for?

Luís Morgado Leão
Winemaker of 46 years, has been revolutionizing and diversifying the Alentejo winery’s offerings since 2012, making great DOC Alentejo wines, including monocaste and premium blends. He is a juror in relevant competitions, such as the Wine Master Challenge or the Brussels World Competition.
The Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito has about 300 members. It was founded in 1960 and its history, which has become wisdom, is reflected in its wines, which are increasingly modern, without neglecting tradition and the specific terroir of the region.
For sale
At the Winery Store: Bairro Industrial, Vidigueira (Monday to Saturday, 9am-1pm and 2pm-7pm)
At the winery’s online store: www.adegavidigueira.pt
Price: €4,99

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