Vidigueira Antão Vaz 2019 – One month on the market and already has 4 distinctions

The Vidigueira brand, from the Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito Cooperative Wine Cellar, has increasingly stood out as a reference of choice for consumers and wine lovers.

In highlight we have the Vidigueira Antão Vaz 2019, made exclusively from the queen grape variety of Vidigueira, which presents a freshness to tropical touches, with emphasis on pineapple. The 2019 harvest arrived on the market on June 1, already with the “gold” distinction of the “International Awards VIRTUS Competition”, being, from the outset, an identifying stamp of the quality of this reference, which is part of the label of this harvest.

In addition to the seal of the prestigious competition, which accompanies the label of the Vidigueira Antão Vaz 2019, this reference has distinguished itself in other competitions, including the “Confraria Bacchus de Albufeira” which distinguished it with a “silver medal”, in the “Vinhos de Portugal” competition of the magazine “VINHO | Grandes Escolhas” where it received the distinction of “Market Choice” for white wines in the category up to 5.00 €, and recently, it was named “White Wine of the Year – for daily consumption” by the “Prémios W”, of Aníbal Coutinho, oenologist, critic and wine journalist.

For José Miguel Almeida, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito, “the distinctions obtained in these important tastings are naturally a recognition of international and national scope, and come to reinforce the quality of our wines and the passion with which in the Adega we work daily to perfect, and take beyond borders, the wines of Vidigueira, and the unique characteristics of this region, with special emphasis on the antão vaz grape variety.”

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