Vidigueira Syrah, 100% Syrah, Alentejo, 2015

It was in

January of last year

that we made a first appraisal of this Syrah from Baixo Alentejo and at the time we were very happy that new Syrahs were appearing in this part of Alentejo. The truth is that the Adega Cooperativa da Vidigueira’s Syrah has evolved and evolved very well! That is why we are talking about it again: the evaluation has changed!

As was said at the time this is a Syrah for everyday use!
Of better quality today than yesterday, it is a Syrah to keep in mind regularly because the quality/price ratio has changed for the better in the consumer’s view! The test notes say that you have “violet color of great concentration. Aroma of forest fruits with mint notes, in the mouth presents a great complexity with nuances of dark chocolate and vanilla, long finish, fresh and very persistent.” It has 14% alcohol and the winemaker on duty is Luís Morgado Leão.

The Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito, established by public deed in 1960, began its activity in 1963. It is the result of the dream, effort, and work of the majority of the winegrowers of the Vidigueira, Cuba, and Alvito regions, based on the experience of tradition and the recognition of reinvention, sustained by a recognized and remembered quality. Among the winery’s viticultural herds are the best native grape varieties, maintained for several generations, of which the Antão Vaz variety stands out, also known as the “Vidigueira variety”, producer of a white grape that is the origin of the renowned White of the Alentejo.
Several grape varieties contribute to the specificity of the wines from the Vidigueira winery: Aragonez, Trincadeira, Alfrocheiro, Castelão, Moreto, Alicante Bouschet, and now Syrah (red grape varieties) and Perrum, Roupeiro, Manteúdo, Arinto, and Antão Vaz (white grape varieties). However, it is the latter that has given the Vidigueira sub-region greater recognition. Until recently, no old vines of the Antão Vaz variety have been found outside the Vidigueira sub-region, an indigenous grape variety maintained by the region’s producers and producer of a unique wine. It is not known for sure the origin of the name Antão Vaz, but curiously this was the name of the grandfather of Luís Vaz de Camões, the poet who celebrated the discoveries and the discovery of Vasco da Gama.

The writer Georges Courteline said, simply and eloquently :
“Better to drink too much good Syrah, than too little and bad. ” This 2015 Syrah from Vidigueira is part of that lot as of now!


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