Vintage Program

The 2021 harvests are just around the corner and with them the most awaited time of the year for our wine tourists.

This is a 6-hour program that aims to provide visitors with an enriching experience, allowing them to participate in the entire wine making process, and to learn about the customs, knowledge, and flavors of the region.

Throughout the activity, the participants will be accompanied by members of the Wine Tourism Team, who will provide the necessary information about the different stages of the program.

With a start date of August 16 and an end date of September 16, this initiative will begin at 9am at the winery facilities, where the “vintage kit” will be handed out and where the participants will receive their first instructions.

Registration for this activity provides:

  • Offer of the “Vintage Kit “*
  • Visit to the Vineyards
  • Harvest
  • Bucha with regional delicacies
  • Visit to the winery facilities
  • Accompaniment of the vinification process
  • Lunch at Casa das Talhas with wine tasting

*Winery T-shirts, Cap, Cover with activity information and identification

Conditions of Participation:

  • Participation in this activity is limited to a minimum of 4 people.
  • The cost of participation in this activity is 45€ per person.
  • Children up to 12 years of age can register for the activity for free and can only participate accompanied by a parent or guardian, and will only be charged for lunch.
  • The organization does not guarantee transportation for the activities included in the program.


  • (+351) 284 437 240 | (+351) 939190460 | (+351) 930 424 551

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