We recovered a “hidden” Centennial Winery

What if by recovering the space of our wine store we came across an old Winery, dating back to the 18th century? This is what happened to us!


Nothing could change a project more, than the discovery of an old building for wine production, inside the Winery itself. During the remodeling work of the space, old structures appeared, with several phases of construction and adaptation to the function that now resumes: a traditional Winery in a noble building of the town of Vidigueira. After this discovery, we decided to change the direction of the initial decoration, leaving the structure of the Adega Velha (Old Winery ) visible, which will allow our visitors to enjoy the space as it was created and allow everyone to have contact with history.

José Miguel de Almeida says that “The Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito is located near the noble area and the first occupation of the town of Vidigueira. In fact, we did not expect that the building adjacent to the Winery Store would house an old construction with these characteristics, which only dignifies this Winery and the region.”

Upon investigation by one of the winery’s historians, it was concluded that this street was occupied by a significant number of people at the beginning of the century. XVIII, as an area of recent expansion of the town of Vidigueira. It is assumed to have much earlier origins, between the end of the century. XVII and mid XVII century. XVIII counting by the various stages of construction that they met.

The Adega Velha is intended to be a complement to Casa das Talhas, the winery’s wine tourism space, whose focus is on carved wood wine and all its historical and cultural scope.


This new wine tourism space, called Adega Velha (Old Winery), is located next to the winery store and can be visited every day from 9am to 7pm.


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