Environmental issues on the agenda

The valorization of the by-products of viticulture

The Cooperative Winery of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito in partnership with the Vidigueira City Council, the Polytechnic Institute of Beja and the company Hidrozono, signed a protocol that bets on the composting of several of its industrial by-products.

In the end we will obtain material to increase the fertilization of agricultural soils, so in this project the winery responds to an existing situation, because as a result of our activity, we produce many tons of by-products that can be better valorized.

This project started in the 2018 harvest season, and the materials resulting from the work of our Winery, to which were added the washing waters, various debris, etc. are the object of a pilot composting study done by the company Hidrozono, with the support of the IPB laboratories, which performs analysis and the necessary laboratory monitoring.

The products resulting from the winery’s industrial activity are in a composting process, and their evolution is analyzed and monitored. In the spring, germination trials will be conducted to validate the use of the resulting composts, which will then enrich the land where our cooperators have their vineyards planted.

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