Vidigueira Grande Escolha Tinto and Vila dos Gamas Tinto awarded

Recently the Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito saw its wines awarded in two contests.

In a national register, the Vidigueira Grande Escolha Tinto 2019 received the Press Choice Award, in the Press Choice Contest coordinated by Revista VINHO | Grandes Escolhas. There were 678 wines under evaluation in the categories of Sparkling Wine, White Wine, Rosé Wine, Red Wine and Fortified Wine, before a jury of 32 elements, among journalists, “bloggers” and opinion leaders. According to the contest rules, all wines were tasted blind.

Bag in Tube Vila dos Gamas red wine was recently awarded a gold medal by the International Concours WINE IN BOX. In the competition there were 460 references from about 15 countries. The jury was composed of 37 winemakers and wine critics from different countries, at 13 virtual tables with 3 tasters each.

Regarding this award, José Miguel Almeida, President of the Board of Directors of ACVCA, says that “We are very happy that our work has been recognized, this time by Revista VINHO | Grandes Escolhas, one of the most important wine publications in the country, and the International Wine In Box competition a reference in wines of this format. This award distinguishes our more than 300 associates and employees of the Winery, and demonstrates the work we have been doing for the region, today a recognized and unavoidable reference for connoisseurs.”

“I must add that this year is a special year, after an eventful year, with so many changes to common routines, to start 2021 with awards that reflects the commitment of all involved and is for us an indication that we continue on the right track” concludes José Miguel Almeida.

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