Vidigueira Superior Red

Just debuted in the online store the Vidigueira Superior Red Wine, vintage 2019.

Elegant and distinctive, this wine proved to be a nice surprise. You can immediately feel the notes of chocolate, involved with forest fruits, and although it is full-bodied in the mouth, it has an involving and velvety finish.

Part of Act III – SAUDADE, the winery’s storytelling about Dom Vasco da Gama’s sea voyage to India, this wine is presented with a slogan that represents the brand and softens the reality we are going through: “Saudade in the glass. Vidigueira in the Soul”.

Despite the use of the “Vidigueira” logo well present in all the wines of this brand, the Vidigueira Superior uses a stamped “tear” that gives it some modernity, while the quality designation “Superior” itself clearly shows that it is a unique, quality wine with characteristics that take us back to the Vidigueira wine-growing sub-region.

This wine, which promises to surprise everyone, results from the combination of Alicante Bouschet and Syrah grape varieties, in a blend of elegance, rusticity, and smoothness.

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